Georgian Vehicle Inspection Bodies Association
terms of membership

Any natural or legal person whose field of activity is directly or indirectly related to periodical technical inspection may become a member of the Association. As well as a person who shares the goals of the association and participates in the activities of the association.

Decisions on the admission and expulsion of an association member shall be made by a simple majority of the votes of Association Board.


To become a member of the association, it is enough for the person to read the charter of the association, fill the questionnaire and application indicated in the member zone and sign! After that, the member has rights and obligations:


The member of the association has the right to:

A) Participate in the work of the General Assembly of the Association;

B) elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Association;

C) participate in projects developed by the Association;

D) receive information on the activities of the Association;

E) use the unified electronic system of the Association;

F) to use the material and technical means of the Association in accordance with the goals of the Association;

G) resign from the membership of the Association.


The member of the association is obliged to:

A) comply with the charter, internal regulations and decisions of the governing bodies of the Association;

B) take care of the authority and property of the Association;

C) be guided in professional activities by the goals of the Association and the norms of professional ethics;

D) pay membership dues in accordance with the prescribed rules and amoun

E) fulfill other obligations and decisions of the governing bodies defined by the charter.


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